Healthy and sweet, the perfect combination to a fabulous life, wouldn’t you agree?  Before TheCradlenyc, creating healthy smoothies and juices was our daily life, literally. The balance between sweet and savory is irresistible.

Eso means “Fruit” in Yoruba, a language spoken in Lagos, Nigeria. When establishing Eso, our concept and goal was to share an experience of Africa with our customers and friends through the riches African has to offer. From healthy food, storytelling, lifestyle and etc. 

Eso emerged at the height of the pandemic as a way to give back to essential workers working the front line to fight Covid-19. We wanted to give back, even in the smallest way, to all the doctors, nurses, military officers and many more who were front and center of the pandemic.

What was it that we could do with the knowledge and resources that we had? Smoothies! So we made smoothies.

Frontline workers with their ESO juice and smoothies.

We reached out to a close friend and got in contact with the Aqueduct testing site that was located in Rockaway Queens and next thing you knew, we were there making smoothies for everyone. 

It was such a surreal and beautiful experience. It made us realize that what the world was and still is facing is physical.

When we saw the happiness of all the staff, it brought so much joy, happiness, and assurance that it only takes one small action to make a difference.

Eso was launched just a few months later with a little twist. We wanted to give our customer a mini vacation home away from home. We incorporate our childhood in every aspect of our establishment because that is who we are. The perfect way for that was with fruits we grew up eating. 

Our fruits are sourced from different parts of Africa and the world. Our smoothies and juices include a wide range of fruits such as mamey, jackfruits, dragon fruits and more.

“Change is built with a simple action”


Each fruit has a unique taste we curated by carefully obtaining the perfect blend, which was not easy. 

We did a taste run with our close friends to get a closer understanding of what people like, don’t like, what they look for when buying, and making smoothies. Their feedback, negative and positive, truly guided us in combing the perfect blends for our juices and smoothies.