Meet Us

TheCradlenyc is operated by two young entrepreneurs exploring all the possibilities life has to offer while changing the stereotype surrounding African Food. Their vision is to share true traditions and customs of their culture while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Babajide Alao and Pesy Therese curated TheCradlenyc through their passion for healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. They are sharing with the world traditional African food with a modern twist.

“This is our culture, this is what our parents made growing up, made with lots of love. Our inspiration came from our family”

Alao is a Nigerian born surfer and chef. His passion for cooking grew by aiding his mother in the kitchen at a young age.

Therese was born and raised in Congo, DRC. As a child, Therese helped her grandmother raise pigs, chickens, and grow vegetables.

Apart from TheCradlenyc, Alao and Therese also have individual dreams and aspirations. Alao is obtaining his Electrical engineering degree and Therese majors in Business Administration. 

“TheCradlenyc didn’t just emerge. TheCradlenyc is a vision given to us by God to share with the world and it’s also a vision with great responsibilities outside of the establishment”