Our Community

Together we are Stronger

Jide visiting with Cradle NYC customers and their children in the outdoor seating area, Summer 2020.

Community is extremely important to us. In Africa when a woman would have a child the whole community would come together to help raise that child. We thrive to pursue that same concept with our establishment.

Pesy, Jide and a customer striking a pose outside of the brightly painted Beach 96th street location.

Engaging with our neighbors that have now become friends and family is a priority for us here at TheCradlenyc.  

We want people to feel at home while enjoying our dishes, we want our dishes to take them back to a time in their childhood when they would gather around with family to share a wonderful time.

“You can only understand the need of a community by talking to the Community”

Happy customers sitting outside the Cradle NYC 96th street location, summer 2020.

Creating a space that brings change for the people around us, that influences diversity and explores different cultures was the foundation in building TheCradlenyc.